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s o u l e s s suburbia

Soulless Suburbia
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Welcome to Suburbia! Quaint, happy, safe... right? Or maybe not. Welcome to Hell might be more like it.

You have been brought to this strange little place with the sole purpose of being food for the Gods running the show, and they ain't exactly playing fair. They want your souls, yes they do, and will do anything to get it. Temptation, torture... but, hey... play it safe, and you might just keep that little part of you.


This is a multi-fandom, journal-based RPG~ OOC is acceptable to a point, considering the poor characters will be put through various levels of cracky hell. There also isn't much of an involved plot: character torture interaction is the purpose here~

Oh, and guess what? We take OCs. With limitations. See within? ♥

::Rules // ::Taken Characters // ::Reserved // ::FAQ // ::Applications // ::Friend Add/Remove // ::Game Essentials // ::Places // ::Curse Calendar

Communities and Mods

suburbiaooc: OOC community to post hiatus notices, poke fellow players, ask mods questions, and propose events that aren't curses (curses are to be suggested under the curse calender).

suburbandiaries: Where you post your logs. Format can be found in the user info.

soulesssuburbia: Mod announcements, event annoucements, etc. Only mods can post here and join this community.

suburbiamods: This is the account only moderators can access in order to take care of administrative duties. This journal does not need to be added to your character journal's friends list.

Cutest Mod: nekogoesnyaa
Uke Mod: mayxchan