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Marriage curse... POSTPONED. But I give you info, anyway.

Okay! So… Marriage Week was supposed to start on the 21st, right? Eh… not so much anymore. Basically, Mod-chan here is about to switch jobs, so things are insane for me in RL right now x_x Not to mention there aren’t many active people here at the moment, since school JUST started for most.

In short, that curse will end up being in early October instead. But! I am posting info and sign ups now, so there is time in case some people wake up and decide they want to play ♥


[The following is left somewhere noticeable, on the first day of the curse...]

Congratulations ____ and ____! You are now legally married! We wish you the best of luck in matrimonial bliss. Or matrimonial hell. Either is fun for us! ♥

P.S - Oh, and don’t forget the wedding night~ ♥ ♥

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Yet another inactivity sweep~

Inactivity list

Kind of pointless x_o Because there are basically only four or five active players. Please remember that your inactivity does affect others; this game won’t be as fun if we don’t have characters actually, you know, around and playing with each other. Don’t be afraid to comment on character journals, or do RPs, even if they’re from another fandom.

Anyway! On with the sweep!

Second notice, even though it should be your third. (aka- hasn’t posted in over a month and has been on the list before)


First notice, even though it should be the second. (aka- also hasn’t posted in almost/over a month, but hasn't been on the list before)


First notice, uh… where’d you go? (aka- people who were on hiatus, and then never came back and/or first post and then no other activity in two weeks).

I'll show you, meanie

Activity sweep time!

Inactivity list

People on this list have not posted in their journals in over two weeks, and have shown no other participation in the game. If someone on here HAS been doing journal comments or is caught up in an active RP, just poke me and I’ll take them off. Also poke me if they posted a hiatus notice, and I just missed it.

And just so you know, this is one of three warnings. If you find yourself on this list three consecutive times, then you’re out.


Also, I am adding a NEW RULE to this RPG. No friends locking your posts. Reasoning behind this rule being that a lot of people have several journals, and may be checking their F-list while signed under one you don't have friended. Thus, they're missing out on everything you have posted. This fact was brought to my attention by another player.
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Curse update!

Curse calender is UP! We're starting out light this month X3

As it says, suggestions for next month will be most appreciated, and... please participate as often as you can~ More fun that way ♥
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SO! We? Are going to be starting curses soon~ As in, as soon as August rolls around ♥

Thus, I'm looking for some suggestions of what curses you would like to see! They can be pervy, embarrassing, weird, WTFish, etc. Just as long as most of the characters wouldn't particularly enjoy it. I already have a couple of ideas, but more would be muchly appreciated.

And just FYI- There will be a total of four or five for August. Having your characters affected by them is entirely voluntary, unless it's something that involves Suburbia itself ^_^

Opening Day~!

All right, kiddos. This is the day we've all waited for.


As soon as you all would like, you may post your character's first entries, and let the games begin. ♥

And yes I am listening to disco it only seemed fitting.
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Start update~

Okay, pups~

In case you're wondering what the shizznet is going on with this RPG, we are currently waiting to have at least ten characters approved before we start. We are currently at nine. With one application pending Onee-chan mod, you suuuck~.

Therefooore... we shall probably be starting soon, but until then, whap your friends to join, too! N' stuff. Not that I'm promoting whapping violence and all only I am.

Um. Any questions from the class? ♥